Network Test for #SoulCaliburVI launches for #PlayStation4 and #XboxOne on September 28th!

This Friday, a network test for Soul Calibur VI will go into effect for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Players will be invited to participate in an open beta this weekend. As its purpose is to test its online functionality, it appears that the only feature available in the beta will be Ranked Match.

On September 27th, the network test will appear in both the PlayStation and Xbox Stores as a downloadable item. The beta itself will open the next day, so you can download it a day in advance to prepare for your journey to the Stage of History.

For the PC users, it is unclear if a similar beta will be planned for Steam. Please standby for further updates.

From glimpsing the PS4 and Xbox One manuals for the beta, both of which can be found at this blog post by Bandai Namco, the following list of characters will be available for use:

  • Mitsurugi

  • Sophitia

  • Groh

  • Nightmare

  • Xianghua

  • Kilik

  • Ivy

  • Zasalamel

  • Geralt of Rivia

  • Siegfried

  • Taki

  • Yoshimitsu

  • Maxi

  • Talim

  • Voldo

  • Tira (DLC)

The manuals for the network test also contain a description of how to utilize the basic controls for Soul Calibur VI, including the all-new Reversal Edge mechanic. Players unfamiliar to the series will want to read them thoroughly before participating in the beta.

The last character on the above list, Tira, has taken many by surprise, as none expected to be given an opportunity to test a DLC character prior to the game’s official release next month. For those unaware, Tira was revealed to be the game’s first DLC character weeks ago, after having not been initially planned for inclusion in the roster, as per a statement by Motohiro Okubo, lead producer for the Soul Calibur series.

The beta will be available for the time periods outlined by the schedule below:

Be advised that before participating in the beta, you will require a PlayStation Plus subscription for the PS4 version and/or an Xbox Live Gold membership for the XB1 version.

Does your soul still burn?! Then get ready to cross swords with your opponents this weekend!

Soul Calibur VI releases for PS4, Xbox One and Steam (PC) on October 19, 2018.

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