#SFVAE will be released for arcade cabinets next year. Location test begins October 5-7, 2018.

Over the course of the preceding weekend, gamers flocked to the Chiba Prefecture in Japan to celebrate the Tokyo Game Show, an annual celebration of the gaming industry.

In tandem with the Tokyo Game Show, the Capcom Pro Tour hosted its Japanese Premiere Bracket, for which well over seven-hundred competitors entered. Echo Fox Tokido emerged victorious after ascending to an unstoppable level upon his entrance into the Loser’s Bracket, thus putting himself in a healthy position to qualify for this year’s Capcom Cup by way of points.

As the Japan Premier CPT finals ran their course, however, a special piece of news was shared by Yoshinori Ono, the executive producer for the legendary Street Fighter franchise.

In a move that appeals to Street Fighter’s roots in the much loved arcades from the past, the current iteration of the series, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, is being integrated into arcade cabinets all around Japan! Development is currently underway and expected to reach completion in 2019.

On the first week of October, the arcade version of SFV will be showcased at a series of locations hand-picked by Capcom, all of which are listed below.

When translated to English, the above post reads as follows:

#TGS2018 #SFVAE #CPTジャパンプレミア The development of the arcade version V is announced. The operation was in 2019. Location Test October 5-7,

  • Taito Station Shinjuku South Exit Game World Store

  • Plaza Capcom Kichijoji Store

  • Nagoya Leisureland

  • Sega Namba Avion shop

  • round one Fukuoka Tenjin branch

In the video included above, it appears that these amazing cabinets will come with USB ports to which players can connect their arcade sticks. It is also possible that PlayStation 4 controllers will be compatible with these cabinets as well, though this has yet to be confirmed.

The location test begins at the South Exit Game World Store in Shinjuku on October 5th. More information pertaining to the location test can be found at taito.co.jp/sfv_ac.

In related news, Yoshinoro Ono dropped a second announcement that appeals heavily to the competitive player base. Next year, players will be welcome to compete in a special team-based league for Street Fighter V. The league will follow a three-versus-three format for its entirety and, of course, a prize will be on the line. Full details will surface in October.

With Season 3 of Street Fighter V winding down to a close this year, Street Fighter enthusiasts are looking at an exceptionally healthy chapter of the game’s legacy for 2019, in terms of a fourth season of content and more opportunities for competitors to test their worth.

The game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Steam (PC). Both versions are compatible with one another via cross-play, a network feature that enables players to participate in online matches for the same title but via different platforms.

SFV: Arcade Edition - PlayStation Store
SFV: Arcade Edition - Steam (PC) Store

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