Version 1.6 Update welcomes Dredge, Admiral of the Abyss to @PaladinsGame this week!

This week, a new Champion drops into the Paladins arena for PC and PlayStation 4 users: Dredge, the Admiral of the Abyss.

Fear of the admiral stilled the tides of the eight oceans in the realm of the living, as Dredge’s notorious ambitions earned him a reputation as the most feared pirate at sea…until he made an unwise decision to steal the Warders’ relics from the Paladins. Unable to control the dragons’ might, his vessel was obliterated and he plummeted to his death in the abyss of the ocean.

However, the Abyss swiftly intervened to prevent his demise, returning Dredge to the living world…albeit he had changed dramatically. Now the Admiral of the Abyss, Dredge has become a powerful tank that will strike fear into his enemies’ hearts.

According to the patch notes for the Version 1.6 update, Dredge comes with 2,200 health and is a damage-dealing machine. His abilities serve to further augment his damage output, and one of them even allows him to create a shortcut by conjuring up to two portals that he can travel between.

Along with Dredge, a new Onslaught Map, called the Marauder’s Port, will be added to Paladins this week, as will a variety of items and bundles that follow a theme similar to Dredge’s.

As if this update wasn’t packed enough, Evil Mojo Games - the development team that created Paladins - has implemented a series of fixes to improve the experience for both PC and console users alike. All of them can be found at

So when will the update arrive? According to Molly Joseph, Community Manager for Evil Mojo Games, it is currently planned to release for PS4 and PC users early this Thursday morning, and then for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the middle of next week. Be advised that this schedule may change if necessary.

Champions can download the game via any of the platforms listed below FOR FREE.

PlayStation 4 - Paladins
Xbox One - Paladins
Nintendo Switch - Paladins
Steam (PC) - Paladins

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