Noble @Semiij is your #WarOfTheGods Season 3 Finale Champion!

UPDATE: We have recovered the archive for the Season 3 finale and it is now available to view! Scroll down this post to check it out!

For the past two seasons, Noble Semiij had made two consecutive appearances as a finalist in both season finales...but for an unexplained reason, he'd been unable to deal the finishing blow to top off his streak as a season finale champion.

As of last Sunday, Semiij has finally broken the curse, performing a flawless run through the Winner's Bracket of a stacked finale for Season 3. It is our pleasure to crown the young prodigy as the Season 3 Finale Champion for War of the Gods!

The opening round to the finale was seasoned with a serving of 3-1 and 3-0 outcomes that led to four of the finalists making an unexpected early entrance into Loser's (Rye, Rewind, Knicks and Grr). A similar serving in Winner's Round 2 led to a recipe consisting of an all-Noble Grand Finals between Noble Semiij and Noble Tweedy, the latter of whom is recognized as the Season 2 Finale Champion for StreamMe's beloved Injustice 2 circuit.

It seemed imminent that Tweedy would repeat his streak, but the claws of Semiij's Catwoman cut deep into his teammate's soul. In spite of a character switch, Tweedy was defeated 1-3 and sent to Loser's Finals to await his chance for redemption. It came in the form of an upcoming star by the name of MCG TitaniumTigerzz, who'd utilized a myriad of characters to stay competitive in the finale (Atrocitus, Supergirl and Brainiac).

Tigerzz bet his entire tournament life onto Supergirl in an effort to compete with Tweedy's Starfire, who'd established himself as a literal wall through his zoner-heavy gameplay. The set extended to five games, at which point Tweedy broke the stalemate to eliminate his adversary 3-2 and earn himself his runback with Semiij.

Tweedy's dilemma in Grand Finals closely mirrored his showdown with Noble Rewind at the Evolution 2018 Championships, where the two clashed in an all-Noble Grand Finals for the chance to be crowned the champion. But while Rewind had been eliminated early on, Semiij better resembled his previous self, when he'd rigidly enforced non-stop win streaks in the previous two seasons up until the finales. As such, Tweedy summoned all of his mental energy and focused it all onto his final challenge.

Once again, the exhibition extended for five games straight with both players trading wins back and forth. But just when a ray of hope for Tweedy shone through the cracks, Semiij extinguished that hope with a final combo that not only ended his opponent's run in the finale, but also served as a fitting ending to Season 3 of War of the Gods.

After failing to do so for two seasons straight, Noble Semiij stood tall and proud as our War of the Gods Season 3 Champion!

Winner: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $1,200

2nd Place: Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $700

3rd Place: MCG TitaniumTigerzz
Prizes: $500

4th Place: DF Grr
Prizes: $300

Prizes: $150

5th Place: CLN Nubcakes
Prizes: $150

7th Place: Method SylverRye
Prizes: $100

7th Place: Noble Rewind
Prizes: $100

Semiij's victory adds to an already impressive reputation established by Noble's players when it comes to the Injustice 2 community. The organization had been on a steady rise through the ranks since MKX as it gradually assembled a roster of the NRS scene's finest talents. That evolution paid off in spades when Injustice 2 arrived in May 2017, which in turn beckoned the arrival of the Injustice 2 Pro Series and eventually the ELEAGUE World Championships.

Semiij previously finished in 2nd Place for the grand finale to the first season of the Injustice 2 Pro Series, and then in 7th place at the ELEAGUE World Championships. He has also fought his way through viciously stacked pools at EVO 2017 and EVO 2018 to appear in two Top 8s for Injustice 2. And in the world of netplay, he and his teammates Rewind and Tweedy have held down the fort in our War of the Gods circuit, alongside many other talented competitors.

Many congratulations to Semiij for adding to his achievements with a victory in our Season 3 Finale!

As a quick recap of the final standings for Season 3, see below for each player's total amount of accrued points that ensured their entrance into the final bracket:

1st: Noble Semiij, 775 points
2nd: Method SylverRye, 715 points
3rd: DF Grr, 590 points
4th: Noble Rewind, 580 points
5th: CLN Nubcakes, 505 points
6th: Noble Tweedy, 475 points
7th: HZRDS EMPR KNICKS, 465 points
8th: MCG TitaniumTigerzz, 465 points

For those unfortunate enough to miss the broadcast...not to worry! We have an archive all set to go - check it out!

To review our archives for the entirety of Season 3, you can visit our YouTube channel here!

With that, we are closing the book on yet another successful season for War of the Gods. To all of the players who have participated, and to all of the viewers who tuned in and/or spread the word on the broadcasts as they have our sincerest gratitude. We thrive on watching the passion exuded by the NRS scene's greatest competitors with each and every bracket we host, and it has been a privilege for you all to invest yourselves so deeply into our events.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end... they?! ;)

We'll leave you to ponder what the above posts could possibly mean. Until then, we encourage you to keep practicing your favorite games! We look forward to hearing from you again. :)

Once more, congratulations to Noble Semiij, your Season 3 Finale Champion for War of the Gods!

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