Rayman comes to @Brawlhalla on November 6th as a GUEST CHARACTER

Last Sunday, Blue Mammoth Games dropped what is perhaps their biggest bombshell yet.

Since the game's launch in 2015, the amount of characters in Brawlhalla has expanded to over forty Legends, each of which have different statistics and capabilities. Similar to Smash Bros, the Legends partake in platformer-styled arenas with the goal of building up enough damage to send them flying off-screen with one mighty finisher.

In recent years, the fighting game genre has heavily capitalized on the concept of guest characters, or characters from other existing franchises. While such a concept is usually limited to characters from video games, Tekken 7 has lately broken that mold with the inclusion of The Walking Dead's Negan, who will be joining their roster as a DLC character sometime in 2019.

In any case, Brawlhalla's developers steered clear of guest characters...up until last weekend, when they unveiled a completely unexpected addition to their game's roster. If you've experienced the PlayStation family of consoles since the release of the original PlayStation in 1995, this one is bound to tug on your heartstrings.


The limbless hero was conceived by Michel Ancel and published by Ubisoft in 1995. The Rayman franchise has since spawned a total of forty-four games across multiple platforms, with the latest release being Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition in September 2017.

Other than Super Smash Flash 2, a fan-made Flash game published by indie website McLeodGaming, Rayman has never been spotted among the roster in a fighting game...up until this November, which is when he will release as a playable character in Brawlhalla.

Coincidentally (or perhaps on purpose?), Rayman's release date falls precisely in line with Brawlhalla's second expansion to console platforms. On November 6th, the free-to-play platform fighter will be available for download on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Gameplay for Rayman has yet to surface, but we'll be watching closely for updates. Check back for more news!

Interested in trying out Brawlhalla right now? You can download it FOR FREE on Steam (PC) and PlayStation 4! Content updates are provided every Wednesday by Blue Mammoth Games.

Furthermore, if you're eager to take your Brawlhalla skills to a competitive setting, see smash.gg/league/brawlhalla-esports-year-three/details to partake in online and offline events that will enable you to test your skills against the best of the best!

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