Announcing War of the Gods: LEGENDS

After three seasons, the war between gods rages on in the DC Universe…

From the creators of StreamMe’s trademark circuit for NetherRealm’s epic DC fighting game, Injustice 2, comes an all-new series, starting on September 30th, one that combines the aspects of an invitational and an open bracket format all into a glorious package. Rather than dubbing it Season 4, we have decorated this new event with a fitting name:


Up to sixteen players will compete across four group stages. Each group will consist of four players, all of whom will be required to face one another in a Round Robin system on October 21st. The Top 3 of each group will advance to what is known as a “Split Final.”

Twelve of these players, labeled as “Legends,” have been directly invited to participate. The remaining four will be decided via double elimination brackets that will occur before each group stage. Each group will consist of three Legends and one qualifier.

Below are the Legends who will be taking part in this event:

  • Noble Semiij

  • BC HoneyBee

  • Noble Rewind

  • BC Biohazard

  • Method SylverRye

  • Noble Tweedy

  • DF Grr

  • PG Hayatei

  • TSS Deoxys

  • HZRDS Forever King

  • CLN Nubcakes

  • HZRDS EMPR Knicks

Once a qualifier has been locked in, a group stage will commence. All four players will be required to face one another in best-of-seven sets (or race to four wins), Round Robin style. At the end of the session, the Top 3 competitors from each group will advance to a Split Final.

Regardless of whoever finishes last in their group, be it a Legend or a qualifier, that player will be relegated from their group, meaning that they will be required to qualify once again to continue their participation in the main event.

Legends will feature up to two Split Finals, and each one will consist of the Top 3 qualifying from two groups. The first will take place at the halfway point in the circuit, whereas the second will occur before the Grand Finale. In each split final, competitors will engage in best three-of-five sets (or race to three wins), this time in a double elimination format. The remaining Top 2 of both groups will be immediately locked in for the Grand Finale.

Furthermore, a $10,000 prize pool will be at stake in Legends, distributed in portions. Both Split Finals will each have $2,500 in total awarded to the qualified finalists, but by making it into the Grand Finale, each finalist is guaranteed their share of $5,000, similar to the finales of each of the previous seasons in War of the Gods!

Once again, SmashGG will be utilized to host our brackets. Competitors can click this link to be taken to a page where they can sign up for the Legends qualifiers. Should any players have questions regarding how to operate SmashGG, they can check out this video tutorial below.

Players of all ages are welcome to enter, and there is no entry fee for any bracket. However, should any player be at or under the age of 16, parental tax information must be provided before their winnings can be claimed.

In addition, we will be using the PlayStation 4 console as our tournament platform once again. The entirety of Legends will be played online via the PlayStation Network.

And of course…all matches pertaining to Legends will be streamed live via We advise you to follow the page, as you will not want to miss out on these amazing clashes between the Injustice 2 community’s shining stars!

To all who have yet to prove their worth in War of the Gods…now’s your chance. Sign up and test your skills against all of our Legends in this unique circuit!

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