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A streaming platform like no other and here's why


We are here

To provide a space in which a variety of content creators can share their passion with the world by using cutting-edge video streaming services to connect and interact with live audiences in real time.

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Climb To The Top


Make Money Doing What You Love.

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True LIVE Streaming

With a stream delay of just 3 seconds

The delay between a broadcaster and a viewers is around an average of 3 seconds on StreamMe. This creates a more interactive experience for both the broadcaster and viewer.  

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Make it more than a passion

Partnered streamers can be supported by viewers with a subscription. Viewers can buy a monthly subscription to your content every month. 

How we split it compared to others 

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Powerful Built In Multistreaming.

Share and watch like never before!

As a streamer you can start a Multistream party and invite other streamers to join. This feature is best used when playing multiplayer games with friends. Viewers will enjoy the custom viewing layout and the multi chat. Watch up to four streams at one time and chat.

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A fun way to support broadcasters!

Place fun stickers over streams and at the same time supports streamers with Sparkles. Stickers can be enabled and disabled by streamers and viewers can also hide stickers if another viewer spams stickers.

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The New Mobile App

Watch and broadcast right from the StreamMe Mobile App. Available on the App Store and Google Play. 

Download The StreamMe App


Custom Emotes For All!


Start uploading custom emotes on day one. No sub button required.

Simple and easy to upload. You only need to upload one .png or .gif file. Oh and yes you can upload animated emotes. You can also upload wide emotes meaning emotes do not have to be square.


Supporter Emotes!

Upload emotes only your supporters can use. Supporters are viewers that have watching a majority of a streamers broadcasts.


Subscriber Only and Raid Emotes.

Upload emotes only your subscribers can use. Subscribers are viewers that pay a monthly subscription to support a streamer. Raid emotes can be used by subscribers in other live stream chats.

Quick upload with just one file.

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No more 1's and 2's in the chat.

StreamMe has built in polls!

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There is more to discover.


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