Duo WinStreak

Nov 3, 12:00am UTC - Nov 4, 11:59pm UTC

winstreak background 4 2.png

1 Win = $2

No kill minimum

How it works.

$2 for 1 win.

  • Must use Fortnite Tracker in order for wins to be tallied correctly - see below for more information on Fortnite Tracker.

  • Must submit an entry to win with your username, epic username and link to fortnite tracker as well as your teammate’s username, epic account name, and fortnite tracker. (no need to wait for archives).

  • Submit ONE entry as soon as you start to participate (the sooner we receive entries, the more accurate leaderboard updates will be). Entries will be accepted until the end of the play time.

  • Archives must be turned on in case we need to verify anything.

Using Fortnite Tracker:

You must leave Fortnite Tracker open in your browser while you’re playing in order to get an accurate match history.

StreamMe will verify that the matches submitted via Fortnite Tracker were streamed to If timestamps for your matches do not match our live stream logs, they will not count.


  • Prize money will be split with each team member.

  • All team members must stream on (check out our multistream feature!) and all team members must have archives turned on.

  • One user should be designated the team captain. The captain will be responsible for:

    • submitting one entry form for the team with their fortnite tracker, and include the username of their teammate.

  • Stream the entire match LIVE on

  • Your matches must be completed and streamed between midnight and midnight UTC on the designated days. (This will be confirmed with Fortnite Tracker)

  • Use the ‘Fortnite’ topic on your stream.

  • Match must contain at least 60 other players.

  • Do not use streamer mode.

How to Enter:

  • Broadcast live on and win or get eliminations in Fortnite Duo Mode.

  • Submit your Fortnite Tracker stats as well as your Epic Name on the submit page.

  • Keep your Fortnite profile page open in your browser so we can reference your data with Fortnite Tracker (this will help us confirm your payouts faster).

  • Share your stream on social media and @StreamMe on twitter so we can promote your Win Streak!

How to Get Paid:

  • Submit your payment information here, including the W-9 for US residents.

  • Invoices will be closed every Tuesday, allow up to 14 business days for payments to be completed.


  • Rules are subject to change at any time. Keep an eye on this page for the latest rules.

  • Attempting to game the contest in any way will result in disqualification at the discretion of staff.

  • This contest is sponsored solely and exclusively by