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Watch The Tournament on Sep 16th 2:00PM ET


Tournament Ruleset

You can use the live support via match-up page as our admins will work promptly to resolve issues. Please do not tweet at the casters or admins about issues as they are focused mainly on production or admin responsibilities via

Best of two games
Tie Breaker if elminations are equal after two games
Players will party up and enter a duos match together
If players are in different time zones they will take turns hosting on their preferred server
Communication can occur via the match chat
Players will submit total eliminations from both games to determine winner
Double Elimination
Must stream with a delay of 0 seconds 


Players have up to TEN (10) minutes to “check in” via before being automatically forfeited for that series and moved to the loser’s bracket and then restart the process. In the event of a disconnect, refer to the rules and contact an admin via live support. Players must be online and ready to play at the designated match start time.
If a player is not fully ready to play and has checked in then the please pin an admin via and they will handle it accordingly. If a player is unable to join a lobby due to technical difficulties with the game, without issues of the game servers, they must notify the opposing player and an admin immediately and inform them that you are attempting to connect. If problems arise, an administrator will attempt to resolve the matter.

Personal broadcast of any gameplay during tournament series is prohibited from external platforms in which may lead to terms of rejection from future tournaments and/or legal matters. Matches must be streamed on  

All participants in the tournament must adhere to the decisions and rules of the official operators, admins, and support. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. Conversations, either verbal or written, between tournament operators, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.

Players are expected to withhold their highest integrity towards win each game. If a player is found without integrity (ie sabotage) to better their own or others overall standings, then a suitable decision will be served per the Administration team. Punishments for collusion may be, but are not restricted to the following: Loss of Season Points, Loss of Prizing, Banishment from future tournaments.

Players may not destroy any build that their teammate/opponent has created, make them fall or take fall damage, or any other actions that may interfere with their ability to play the game. 
Examples - 
Breaking or weakening opponent's built or non built structures or cover by any means.
Causing opponents to miss shots or opportunities to get eliminations
Building in front of your opponent/teammate
Boogie Bombing your opponent/teammate

In the event of a server disconnect, both players will restart the game. In a matter where a player intentionally disconnects then that player will forfeit the entire game. Screenshots are advised in a matter of dispute which can be uploaded via match-up live chat at

To report the score, please use the match-up section of bracket. If there are any inconsistencies shown in the report then support will contact both players involved to resolve the inconsistency. In the event of a dispute, be prepared to provide pictures of post-game summaries or video evidence from the match.

First Place: $1,200
Second Place: $800
Third Place: $600
Fourth Place: $400

Prize money will be paid out within fourteen (14) business days from when the completed tax form has been received. Submit your payment information here(link) or under Payment Information in Account Settings, including the W-9 for US residents.